So I heard the other day that Vancouver is getting a WEST ELM!!!!!! are you kidding me!!!!! I’m doing the happy dance right now! 







It is no secret how much I love this store,and the rumor is, it will be opening on South Granville coming hopefully this fall. Oh how I hope this is true! So why do I love  this store so much? Well what’s NOT to love,they are a division of Williams-Sonoma and are related to as well, Pottery Barn and Rejuvenation and their furniture as well as accessories is so on trend,and the best part of all…. their prices. Up until recently they had just started shipping certain items to Canada something they never did before, so the fact that I actually get to go into a store now makes me weak at the knees(yes it doesn’t take much.)I apologize to my fellow American friends for going so overboard,but if you lived out west in Canada you would completely understand why this means so much to us! We are coming up baby!

Here is a look at all the great things in store for us and why I love them soooo much!


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  1. I am doing the freak out happy dance, RIGHT NOW. Isn’t West Elm AWESOMENESS??! I adore adore adore them. Ps. I see you love Ikea too. I am with ya, sista.
    You and I share the same loves…:)
    I shopped at West Elm for years in the States. As a Canadian, I was over the moon excited, when a new one arrived in Toronto. BLISS. I could barely contain myself. I blog about them all the time. ADORE !
    Great blog you have. I can’t wait to come back and see more.
    Big hugs from another Canuck ( we are rare, in the blogging world ..LOL )

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