Well our pour was a success and that is a weight off the chest……well actually my husbands chest. He never sleeps the night before.

We stared at 7:30 seeing as that was the only time we could get the pump truck. Almost 4 hours later and we were done for the day. The scary thing about pouring with the ICF blocks, is if there isn’t enough attention paid to bracing the walls, especially when you are at the height we are, you can easily have a blow out. Potentially that is hundreds of dollars lying on the ground. So my job was to stand and watch to make sure that there was no bow in the wall indicating that the block could explode. Luckily it all went smoothly and my husband gloated and then slept like a baby that night.

Our next stage is drain rock around the whole perimeter of the house, laying the pipe for drainage, peel and stick membrane for water proofing the foundation and then compacting sand. Once this is complete, at least for the next week, then hopefully we can start framing, WOOOHOOO.

pour3It’s not much to look at, but these foundation walls go up 11 feet all the way around. In our last house the back wall was 22 feet high and all buried under ground. This foundation is much simpler. The front part is all basement or as we like to say ‘the man cave’. The part closest to us is my office and the media room.

pour2So now we aren’t just the ‘lego’ house we are the ‘lego’ house with blue elephants. This is the water proofing membrane that goes on the foundation walls, it protects, of course, from moisture. The brackets you see on the left side are for the green wall and this is where it will start, from the ground up. Next to it is my front entrance. It’s pretty close to the road!!!!!!!

pour1Lastly,Jonesy working hard to lay the pipe under ground before the slab gets poured.

It’s a slow process but a necessary one.


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  1. Call Me Patty says:

    OK, I have to remember to go by on the next sunny day to watch Jonesy work………….with his shirt off. :D

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