Unfortunately I don’t have anything exciting to show you this week. We are still at the boring but necessary stage. The perimeter drains all went in along the outside exterior walls, along with the landscape fabric and then a lot of shovelling drain rock on top of that. This of course enables all the ground water that is there at that depth, along with rain penetrating the dirt to have a place to follow, which then leads to a catch basin at the front of the property which then drains into the storm drains on the street.

Along with that exciting work, *insert joke*, came the sand for the inside of the basement floor. Trucks and trucks of sand, shovelling again and compacting. I joined Jonesy yesterday to help, pleading the worst case of patheticness and was promptly fired and told not to come back for the remainder of the day. :)

My brother inlaw, who runs the backhoe, started to fill back in the dirt around the exterior foundation walls. This gives me a a pretty good impression once again of how the street side of the house is going to look. Next week, (fingers crossed), he will be back to start scraping out the dirt for the garage that is detached from the house, and start sculpting the landscaping along with some rock work. The guy is a genius at it, must run in the family!

Here is a look at the week.

sand sand2You can see how differently this space looks now that it is level and filled with compacted sand. Later on it will get poly put on top of the sand then wire mesh,then the  pipes for the  in floor heating and then concrete on top. In case your wondering what this space is going to be, it is the basement or Jonsey’s man cave. It will house all the mechanical stuff for the house, a wine area for his wine making, bathroom/laundry room, storage and his office. Basically this baby is aaaaalllll his!


No more big dirt berm. So next week I’m hoping to show you a little more sculpting of the landscape, as well as a good start on the floor joist system going in.

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  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    I am so excited to get down there and watch it first hand. You two are an amazing team. TEAM JONES !!!

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