Everybody needs a home in England. The history, the age, the architecture, the landscape. What’s not to love about England. This home is absolutely no exception, it’s charming, rustic and full of character and it was designed by Stephen Fletcher Architects.

This is a room I could see spending some serious time in.  A book and that chair in the corner and I would be hard pressed to get out of it. There are so many different things going on in this space, colours, styles, textures and yet they all come together so nicely to make a beautiful room.
Isn’t this charming. I adore those chairs , what a great compliment to the overall scheme. A very laid back put your feet up type of room. Suits me just fine.
Charming and eclectic kitchen. I love the wood accent wall, adds more warmth.
That tub, and in your bedroom to boot!
This is  exactly how my last bathroom looked like down to this beautiful sink. It’s classic.
I could make this my office very easily.
No problem moving into this home for me. You?
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  1. Beautiful home, so much inspiration to be had from these photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW…move in ready for me!

  3. No,I couldn’t, don’t like anything about this home except the kitchen, which doesn’t seem to relate to the rest of it.
    Not my kind of eclectic…

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