I am a huge fan hands down of the colorful artist Bobbie Burgers! Every time I see her work I can’t help but feel happy. Her larger then life paintings of flowers are short of stunning,( I prefer myself the single bloom flowers.) Not long ago I visited the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver and saw her show, every time I turned to see a new piece I couldn’t help but notice a red dot on almost every one meaning SOLD! I can clearly see why.
You might recognize some of these pictures of her home from the magazine House and Home,it is a fitting all white space to showcase her colorful pieces. Enjoy.
And here are some incredible pictures of the pieces that I love!
Don’t you think her depiction of flowers is incredible? Do you think you could handle one in your own space?
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  1. Call Me Patty says:

    Oh the scale, the scale, the scale…………I would gladly move things around and get rid of furniture and other items in my home to make room for just one piece of Bobbie’s incredible art. IN-CRED-IBLE!

  2. I love here work too – she has been my long time favorite!
    Love her house too. – the bold exuberant color of the art and the touches
    Of yellow – some in unexpected places like appliances! Against the white!
    The word joyful comes to mind…

  3. Jeanette says:

    Her paintings are so detailed, and at the same time imperfect! I love, love, love the drips! Her home is bright and crisp. Love the white backdrop and the use of hits of vibrant yellow! The wood pieces tone down the in-your-face ness of her giant paintings and use of colour, and anchors the rooms. I like the mix of modern and traditional…what I am trying to say (like I really know what I am talking about…lol) is that I love her work!

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